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My family & I have thought that we had lost our PlayStation 2; I decided to go through the trouble (taking me half an hour) searching for it.

However; I have dug up more than just our PS consoles; but also Atari 2600, Sega Genesis & Master Sega!!

Atari 2600

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis Controller 2

Master Sega
(Please don’t mind the stickers)

Although I have no memories of Atari 2600 games; I do remember playing Master Sega & Genesis during my childhood. My favorite Sega Genesis games?


Phantasy Star 2

People of my generation (& older) would probably rejoice at the memories of these previous consoles & video games.

PlayStation was when I really started playing RPG’s (Role-Playing Games). To the point where every time it’s dinner or bedtime; I’d have to run to a save spot asap lol; even if it meant escaping from battles. These include Tales of Destiny, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7 & Tactics.

Today’s generation has begun a new age; where most are using a handheld device. Whether it’s a(n) Android, iPod, iPad, Tablet or PSP (portable PlayStation); GameBoy was the start of an evolution for these devices. It’s unfortunate that our GameBoy was severely broken and ended up throwing it away. Otherwise; I’d take a picture of it too.

I found it ironic when I heard on the radio that someone does not understand what Hang up the phone means. Modern technology has made it so simplified to End Call, they wouldn’t know what hanging up meant unless they had a phone with cord.

In the future; Hang up the phone would no longer be remembered when everyone will be either using computers & cellphones.