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As technology is advancing, there’s more advanced gaming consoles.
DDR was one of the first Dance rhythm game I’ve played. Then RockBand; the drum/guitar simulation.

I remember going to my cousin’s house & they had Nintendo Wii. Simply point the joystick to sync with the TV along with the Wii fit plus pad for exercising.

Wii U, Xbox One & PS4 are the future of gaming consoles.
Take a look at the recent Teen’s React video of Just Dance 2016.

There’s even virtual reality technology. If you watch many gaming videos on Youtube; you may have seen many gamers on Oculus Rift.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Can you imagine playing (MMO)RPG’s with Oculus Rift? Bet it’ll be mind-blowing.

Someday, I’m sure there will be a fusion of all these technologies. Virtual reality headgear with multi purpose pad that can read your movements and even maybe; advance enough to be similar to the virtual world of Sword Art Online. Perhaps in 2200 right? Won’t live long enough to see it!