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Past. Present. Future.

In Grade 9; my multiple intelligence quiz came out as Musical & intrapersonal Intelligent. Intrapersonal intelligence = Emotional intelligence in other words.

Emotional intelligence: the ability to know, understand and mange your own emotions. Ability to know your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, the ability to forgive & forget. I believe majority of the people think forgetting & forgiving someone is easy. Especially towards negative aspects in life.
For example: Take a person cheating on another. (Excuse my language) “Fuck em, he/she ain’t worth your time”. One would think. But is it really that easy? In most scenarios it’s not. To some people; it’s really easy. As easy as blinking. To others; it’s extremely difficult.

College has been one of my biggest advantages. I was planning on completing CPA (Computer Program Analysis). During this process; the course program also included Applied Professional Communications (APC) class which; by far one of the most interesting classes to me. It wasn’t just about learning about myself, but understanding verbal/nonverbal communications, listening & responding and adapting to others. It has significantly increased my observation skills towards body language communication. Communication: Principles For A Lifetime. Very good textbook. (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this.)

Communication - Principles For A LifetimeI sat in the back wherever I went to observe others. It’s quite complicated to explain the kind of genuine difference when people speak with they’re loved ones versus they’re friends. It made my smile when I saw girls either twirling hair or bushing hair behind the ears. One single side consistently (the listening ear might I add) when talking to someone they’re interested in.

I scored INFJ on the personality quiz in 2010, but a more recent quiz from another site states I’ve changed from INFJ > INFP. I don’t know if this has always been my personality; just that I was protecting myself in the past hence being INFJ before.

Mid-July 2014, I started working in the automotive industry as an assembly machine operator. The person who taught me was Vietnamese. Last name Nguyen. Typical right? There was a lady working my assembly line. She gets carpool by someone working 2 blocks away. My mother works in the main branch, while I worked at the sub branch. I felt like a celebrity. I was famous overnight thanks to six degrees of separation. Everyone from the main branch knew where I worked before my mother even knew. Rumors had it that many of the staff members have had their children apply working for either 2 companies and very few managed to get into the industry. And here I was; as proof of it.

However; it wasn’t long until I got sent home. Not for doing anything wrong (while I’ve done many within 2 weeks), but the auto industry has fast and slow production. I guess I started when they needed fast production; but forced to leave because of slow production.

I was one of three newest members. I thought it was interesting although we were all different races, our thoughts were in-sync. (Hopefully, to some degree.) “Am I the only one?” “Hope it wasn’t something I did”. I caught up with the lady and she asked “You too?” I replied “Yeah”. The supervisor asked the lady where the other lady went. Turned out she returned to the workstation to get her purse. Preparing for the worse. We were told we’d be on break. Up to 3 weeks max due to slow production. As much as he wanted to keep us, he said “You could go & apply somewhere else when there’s no news after 2 weeks.” I’m positive the other lady went & applied elsewhere the very next day. She was so upset during the whole meeting.

Luckily, through another agency, I got the chance to work in main branch. As soon as I started working; all the co-workers knew who I was. Not from the fame; but my similar looks towards my mother. And my mother has been working for 20 years all together. 10 years, 10 years at another sub-branch. One where my dad use to work. Now this is the biggest advantage, but also my biggest disadvantage. Sure it’s good because I’ve got all the connections from both parents. The problem is living up to them. Being in the shadows of others. I’m still young though, I’ve never been afraid to learn things. I have always known my strengths & weaknesses.

Ever since I decided to forgive everyone that has hurt in the past, I’ve been a lot happier. In fact, I’m attempting to speak more & it’s been more rewarding than I thought. The elders are incredibly nice. Majority of the full-time staff have children. I can’t tell if it averages to more people younger or older than me. From what I know, many are the same age as me (an 88-er).

I’ve been obsessed with music as long as I could remember (a document stated since I’ve been born) & that’s what really pulled me through negativities in my life. I’ve quoted some of my most listened songs on my previous post during my depressions.

Bullying linking to depression and ultimately committing suicide occurs in anyone. Especially teens. It could be you. It could be a family member. It could be a close friend. It’s crucial that you stay close to them and give them emotional support. Let them know “You’re not alone, you’ll get through this.” “No matter what happens, I’ll be here for you.”

Nowadays, I listen to all kinds of songs. My playlist includes English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese & Mandarin songs.
Did I mention I’m also listening to country music now? I hope you didn’t click the x on your browser or throw the chair at the monitor. Don’t worry though, it’s just singers like Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood to name a few.

A new year is approaching, I’d like to get as many unhappy thoughts out as possible. Like Selena Gomez, next year will be my Revival. Similar to Demi Lovato, I’m going to be more confident. Adoring Ariana Grande, I want more people to focus on me. Idolizing Justin Bie- okay maybe I went too far..not exactly idolize but, not exactly parallel either. Just like Justin Bieber, I’d like to have a purpose in life.